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MorningShine GretaBaby

So much to say about this little darlin. From her soulful eyes she keeps track of everything going on in the house. She's just about the sweetest thing to come through the door.

She quickly becomes everyone's favorite with her waggy tail and smiley face. Her little size at 23 lbs. has given her the privilege of going where no dood has ever gone!! She sleeps at the foot of the bed and loves to cuddle next to us on the sofa! Her red and white "parti coloring" is unique among goldendoodles as they are extremely rare.

It is our hope that she will deliver some nice "partidoods" that we'll be able to share with others. She most recently was bred to Tino and delivered 5 pups on February 17........... sorry no partidoods there but some very sweet "baby Tinos".

We'll keep working on the "parti" thing but we are delighted with the quality of the little ones who arrived. Stay tuned for future adventures.





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